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An easy way to make sure programs that matter, survive.


No apps to download and only a couple minutes to get started.

Super Fast Sign up
Connect your account safely and securely with peace of mind via Plaid


Shop & Spend
Make purchases with your connected card – now with a special purpose!

Make a Difference
Your purchases are rounded up & sent to a cause you care about.


It’s super safe and easy - we use the same systems as Venmo, Cash App, and banks protect your accounts. All you need is a mobile phone and three minutes to get connected to their bank.

Roundup for good powered by plaid
RoundUp 4 Good uses Stripe

In less than 3 minutes your purchases could help guarantee WorkChops will continue to prepare Dallas area kids for “New Collar” jobs.

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WorkChops has partnered with Round4Good to make is simple and easy to prepare Dallas area kids for “New Collar” jobs.



Is it Safe?

Very safe.

All financial transactions and data retention are handled by the best in the world.

Stripe securely processes the donations and transferes the money to our nonprofit partners.

Plaid safely connects the financial accounts to enable roundups.

Quiltt connects the systems together to make it simple and affordable to process small transactions.

Can I use a Credit Card?

Yes! Most people track the purchases they round up on a credit card because they are enrolled in miles and / or rewards programs.

The reason we use a checking account as the funding source is because the fees are 40-60% cheaper than processing cards.

Why should I do Round ups?

The nonprofit economic model is very difficult to make sustainable. However, if most of their supporters would regularly contribute a small amount, they can make it work. 

Why should I connect my checking account?

Credit card processing fees are expensive and take away money from the causes you support.

By funding your round ups and donations from a checking account you save 40-60% off the typical card processing fees and effectively invest more money in the cause.

Will Round Ups Overdraft My Account?

No. We automatically pause round ups if your account falls below $25. 

How Much Does it Cost?

We don't change your nonprofit anything to get set up or have ongoing expenses for them to pay.

The RoundUp For Good Program was designed and built to make it easy for nonprofits to attract more donations. All direct costs associated with the program are deducted from the donations so nothing ever has to be paid by the organization.

What if my bank isn't on the list?

Plaid works with over 3500 banks in the USA, but that isn't all of them. If this happens to be your bank, send us a message using the form above and we might be able to set you up to support in another way. 

Nonprofit Fundraising is usually hard

Nonprofits typically have to spend a lot of time, effort, and resources to raise money for the causes they support.

Because of this, developing a sustainable source of funding is almost impossible. We’ve built a system to make it easy to support causes you care about – and do it in a way that is super efficient.

Round ups are used in modern fintech all the time to facilitate saving, investing, and even paying down debt.

Now your spare change can be used to fund causes you care about – without a bunch of hassle.

Join the R4G Movement

Use your purchases to ensure important causes get the support they need to thrive.